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Mark Singer and Gorilla Glue are two halves of a remarkable story! From a chance encounter in Indonesia to building a household brand, Singer’s journey is one of innovation, passion, and dedication to quality. Let’s explore some fascinating aspects:

Woodworking Whiz: Before Gorilla Glue, Singer was already a seasoned woodworker, honing his skills with renowned craftsmen and even overseeing Harvard’s design workshop. This deep understanding of wood and its bonding needs proved invaluable when he discovered the powerful adhesive.

Gorilla in the Glue: The name itself is a testament to Singer’s creativity. Inspired by his childhood fascination with these magnificent creatures, he saw in the glue the same qualities of strength, versatility, and powerful bonds he admired in gorillas.

Personal Life

mark singer Personal Life | itsmmarketingblog
mark singer Personal Life | itsmmarketingblog

Mark Singer and Gorilla Glue, the story spans both his professional achievements and personal journey. Here’s a breakdown:

Professional Life:

  • Founder of Gorilla Glue: In 1994, after encountering the glue in Indonesia, Singer brought it to the US, named it Gorilla Glue, and established the company. He built it into a successful brand, eventually selling it in 2008.
  • Woodworking Passion: Even while leading Gorilla Glue, Singer remained passionate about woodworking, designing, and creating furniture.
  • Giati Designs: After selling Gorilla Glue, he returned to his roots, founding Giati Designs in California, where he focuses on his love for creating unique furniture pieces.

Personal Life:

  • Inspiration for the Name: His childhood fascination with gorillas influenced the brand name, reflecting their strength and bonding power, qualities he saw in the glue.
  • Lessons Learned: He has authored a book, “Heartwood”, sharing his experiences and lessons learned throughout his career and life, especially the importance of finding joy in one’s work.
  • Privacy: While he appears occasionally in woodworking circles and interviews, Singer largely keeps his personal life private.

Note: There are conflicting reports about his net worth, with some estimating it around $200 million, but this information lacks credible sources.

Mark Singer’s story is one of entrepreneurial success, passion for woodworking, and a return to his artistic roots. While details about his personal life are limited, his professional journey and commitment to his craft remain an inspiration for creatives and entrepreneurs alike.


Information about Mark Singer’s education is limited, here’s what we know:

  • Attended Harvard University: According to his Crunchbase profile, Mark Singer attended Harvard University. However, the specific program or degree he obtained is not readily available.
  • Woodworking Skills: Prior to founding Gorilla Glue, Singer developed deep woodworking skills through personal practice and likely through interactions with other woodworkers. These skills played a crucial role in his understanding of adhesives and his eventual venture into the glue industry.
  • Business Acumen: Despite not having a formal business education, Singer demonstrated remarkable business acumen in building Gorilla Glue from scratch. He navigated marketing, distribution, and branding, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition.
  • Lifelong Learning: Singer’s book, “Heartwood,” reflects his continuous learning throughout his life and career. He readily draws lessons from different experiences and applies them to his craft and work, suggesting a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Although specific details about his formal education are not widely available, Mark Singer’s story embodies the importance of ongoing learning, practical skills development, and adapting to new challenges and opportunities. His success with Gorilla Glue demonstrates that entrepreneurial drive and real-world knowledge can be just as valuable as formal educational qualifications.


Mark Singer Career | Itsmarketingblog
Mark Singer Career | Itsmarketingblog

Mark Singer’s career with Gorilla Glue is a fascinating journey of entrepreneurial spirit, risk-taking, and ultimately, returning to his roots. Here’s a deeper dive into its various phases:

Early Career:

  • Woodworking and Design: Before Gorilla Glue, Singer honed his skills as a furniture designer and maker. He worked for renowned craftsman Sam Maloof, became a journeyman carpenter, and even supervised the design workshop at Harvard University. This deep understanding of wood and its bonding needs would prove crucial later.
  • Discovering Gorilla Glue: In 1994, while traveling in Indonesia, Singer encountered a powerful, versatile adhesive used by furniture makers. Recognizing its potential, he purchased the rights and brought it to the US.


Mark Singer’s exact age is 79 years old. While details about his early life and education are scarce, there are some clues through which we can make an educated guess about his age range:

Net Worth

Mark Singer is incredibly rich, with a net worth exceeding $1 billion. He amassed his wealth by achieving great success with The Gorilla Glue Company. Mark Singer, the founder of Gorilla Glue, has amassed an impressive net worth through his successful career in the adhesive industry.


1. Did he really come up with Gorilla Glue on a whim?

the discovery in Indonesia was a pivotal moment, it wasn’t just a lucky strike. Singer’s experience as a woodworker and understanding of adhesives played a crucial role in recognizing the glue’s potential and bringing it to the US market.

2. Is Gorilla Glue the strongest adhesive ever?

it’s not necessarily the absolute strongest. However, its versatility, ease of use, and remarkable bonding power, especially for wood, have certainly secured its place as a popular choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

3. How did he manage to build such a successful brand from scratch?

Singer’s clever marketing strategies, like the iconic gorilla imagery and focus on real-world problem-solving, were key. He also effectively built relationships with hardware stores and home improvement chains, ensuring widespread availability and accessibility for Gorilla Glue.

4. What’s he up to these days?

After selling Gorilla Glue, Mark Singer returned to his woodworking roots with Giati Designs in California. He now creates unique, high-quality furniture pieces, showcasing his passion for craftsmanship and design in a more intimate setting.

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