Karl Dargan
Karl Dargan’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2024. However, it’s important to note that this information is based on publicly available data and may not reflect his actual net worth, which can fluctuate over time.

Karl Dargan Biography and Early Life

Karl Dargan, nicknamed “The Dynamite,” wears multiple hats: a skilled professional boxer, a reality TV personality, and the former husband of singer Lil’ Mo. While his career achievements deserve the spotlight, his early life also laid the foundation for his journey.

Boxing Beginnings:

  • Born: June 17, 1985, in the United States.
  • Early Start: Dargan entered the boxing ring at a young age, stepping into the PAL tournament at just seven years old in 1992. His passion and dedication were evident from the start.
  • Amateur Accolades: Throughout his amateur career, Dargan amassed several impressive titles, including:
    • PAL tournament champion (2005) at 125 lbs.
    • National Golden Gloves runner-up (2002), losing to Lorenzo Reynolds in the finals.
    • US Champion (2005).

Chasing Olympic Dreams:

  • Missed Opportunity: Despite his strong amateur career, Dargan narrowly missed out on his Olympic dream. He lost twice to Anthony Peterson at the Olympic team trials in 2005.
  • Professional Pivot: This setback didn’t dampen Dargan’s spirit. He turned professional in 2006 and embarked on a successful professional boxing career, earning the “Dynamite” nickname for his explosive power and agility.

Beyond the Ring:

  • Marriage and Reality TV: Dargan married singer Lil’ Mo (Cynthia Loving) in 2014 and appeared alongside her on the reality shows “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” and “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Their relationship garnered public attention as they navigated personal challenges documented on these shows.
  • Fatherhood: The couple welcomed their son, Karl Dargan Jr., in 2015, adding another dimension to their lives.

Karl Dargan Family Information

Karl Dargan Family Information | Itsmarketingblog
Karl Dargan Family Information | Itsmarketingblog

Karl Dargan’s family information primarily includes his immediate family members, mainly his children.


  • Karl Dargan Jr.: Born in August 2015, Karl Jr. is the son of Dargan and his former wife, singer Lil’ Mo (Cynthia Loving). Their relationship was documented on reality shows like “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” and “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” and despite their divorce in 2017.

    Image of Karl Dargan Jr.
  • Other children: Lil’ Mo has four other children from previous relationships: Nirvana, Heaven, Shakur, and Cayden. While Dargan isn’t their biological father, he played a stepfather role during their marriage and appears to have maintained a bond with them, especially Nirvana and Heaven, who have been seen attending events with him.

    Karl Dargan Family Information | Itsmarketingblog
    Karl Dargan Family Information | Itsmarketingblog

Extended Family:

Information about Dargan’s extended family is relatively scarce. He is known to have an uncle, Naazim Richardson, who was also a professional boxer. However, details about his parents, siblings, or other relatives remain largely private.

Current Relationship Status:

As of January 2024, Dargan is not publicly known to be dating anyone. His focus seems to be on his career and maintaining relationships with his children.

the facts about Dargan’s family life:

  • He has expressed a strong desire for fatherhood and the importance of family.
  • He has faced challenges in balancing his boxing career with his family life, especially during his marriage to Lil’ Mo.
  • Despite the ups and downs, he seems committed to being a present and supportive father to his children.

Karl Dargan Wiki: Salary

Karl Dargan’s salary is not publicly available information. Boxers’ salaries are often determined by various factors, including:

  • Fight purse: This is the guaranteed amount a boxer receives for participating in a specific fight.
  • Sponsorships: Additional income can come from endorsement deals with brands and products.
  • Pay-per-view revenue: Depending on the fight’s popularity, a portion of pay-per-view sales may go to the boxer.
  • Management fees: A percentage of the boxer’s earnings typically goes to their manager and trainer.

Given the lack of publicly available information, it’s impossible to give an exact figure for Dargan’s salary. However, here are some insights:

  • Professional Career: Dargan’s professional boxing record was 20-7-1, with 10 knockouts. He competed in several high-profile bouts, including a 2016 fight against Omar Figueroa Jr. This suggests he likely commanded significant purses for these fights.
  • Reality TV Appearances: Dargan’s appearances on shows like “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” and “Love & Hip Hop: New York” might have brought additional income through appearance fees.
  • Current Status: Since retiring from boxing in 2018, Dargan’s primary income sources might come from business ventures, coaching, or public appearances.

It’s important to remember that professional boxers’ careers can be short-lived due to the risk of injury. Therefore, even if Dargan earned a high salary during his fighting years, his current financial situation might be different.

Instead of focusing solely on salary, it’s more valuable to consider Dargan’s overall career achievements and his potential income sources beyond boxing.

Karl Dargan Wife

Karl Dargan wife | Itsmarketingblog
Karl Dargan wife | Itsmarketingblog

Karl Dargan currently does not have a wife, as he is divorced from his former wife, singer Lil’ Mo (Cynthia Loving). They were married in October 2014 and their relationship was documented on reality shows like “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” and “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” they faced challenges and ultimately divorced in 2017.

Karl Dargan Height and Weight

Karl Dargan stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) and his current weight is not publicly available information. However, during his active boxing career, his weight fluctuated depending on the weight class he competed in. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Lightweight: In the lightweight division (135 lbs), Dargan likely weighed around 135 pounds (61.2 kg).
  • Junior welterweight: When competing in the junior welterweight division (140 lbs), he would have weighed around 140 pounds (63.5 kg).

It’s important to note that boxers often go through significant weight changes during training camps and fight preparations. Additionally, maintaining a specific weight class can be challenging, and boxers may not always weigh in exactly at the limit.

It’s also worth mentioning that since retiring from boxing in 2018, Dargan’s lifestyle and workout routine might have changed, potentially influencing his weight as well.

Here are some additional facts about Karl Dargan’s physical attributes:

  • He has a muscular and athletic build, developed through years of boxing training.
  • He is known for his explosive power and agility in the ring.
  • He has a distinctive shaved head and beard, which are part of his personal style.

FAQ | Karl Dargan

Q: What is Karl Dargan’s boxing record?

A: Dargan’s professional record was 20-7-1, with 10 knockouts. He competed in several high-profile bouts, including a 2016 fight against Omar Figueroa Jr.

Q: Why did Karl Dargan retire from boxing?

A: Dargan officially retired in 2018. The exact reason wasn’t publicly disclosed, but he hinted at wanting to explore other opportunities and spend more time with his family.

Q: What was Karl Dargan’s nickname?

A: Dargan earned the nickname “The Dynamite” for his explosive power and agility in the ring.

Q: Is Karl Dargan married?

A: No, Dargan is currently not married. He was previously married to singer Lil’ Mo (Cynthia Loving) from 2014 to 2017.

Q: Does Karl Dargan have children?

A: Yes, Dargan has a son, Karl Dargan Jr., with his former wife Lil’ Mo.

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