Cole Bennett Net Worth 2024
                                                     Cole Bennett Net Worth Information
                        Net Worth                      $39 million (2024)

Cole Bennett’s net worth is $39 million in 2024. This figure, however, can vary depending on the source and the specific assets and income streams being considered.

the factors that contribute to Cole Bennett’s net worth:

  • Lyrical Lemonade: Bennett is the founder of Lyrical Lemonade, a multimedia company that has produced music videos for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kanye West, Juice WRLD, and Lil Xan. Lyrical Lemonade generates revenue through music video production, merchandise sales, and brand partnerships.

  • YouTube: Bennett has a popular YouTube channel with over 18 million subscribers. He generates revenue from ad views, sponsorships, and merchandise sales through his channel.

  • Business ventures: Bennett has invested in a number of other businesses, including a clothing line and a production company. These ventures also contribute to his overall net worth.

  • Real estate: Bennett owns several properties, including a mansion in Chicago.

It’s important to note that Bennett’s net worth is constantly changing as he continues to earn money from his various endeavors. The figure of $39 million is a good estimate, but it’s possible that his net worth is even higher.

Here are some additional details about Cole Bennett’s net worth:

  • His annual income is estimated to be over $10 million.
  • He has earned over $15 million in gross sales in the past year.
  • He has a large investment portfolio.

Cole Bennett Career

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett’s story is a testament to passion, hustle, and a sharp eye for capturing the zeitgeist. It’s a journey from a small Illinois town to the helm of a multimedia empire, Lyrical Lemonade, that revolutionized the hip-hop music video landscape.

Early Seeds:

  • Midwestern Roots: Born in 1996 in Plano, Illinois, Cole initially dreamt of sports broadcasting. But his creative spark ignited early, fueled by filming Jackass-inspired videos with friends.
  • Birth of Lyrical Lemonade: In 2013, inspired by his mom, Cole turned his passion into the blog “Lyrical Lemonade.” He started directing free music videos for local Chicago rappers, showcasing raw talent and vibrant DIY aesthetics.

Building the Vision:

  • Finding his Style: Cole embraced a hyper-kinetic visual style, characterized by vibrant colors, DIY charm, and playful edits. This resonated deeply with the emerging SoundCloud rap scene.
  • Early Collaborations: Working with artists like Famous Dex, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp, he captured the energy and rawness of their music, propelling both their careers and his own.
  • Breakthrough Moment: 2017 saw the release of Juice WRLD’s “Alright” music video, directed by Cole. It became a viral sensation, showcasing Cole’s signature style and launching him into the mainstream.

Lyrical Lemonade Takes Flight:

  • More Than Music Videos: Lyrical Lemonade evolved into a multifaceted brand, hosting festivals, releasing merchandise, and collaborating with major labels.
  • Expanding Horizons: Cole’s directorial prowess caught the attention of established stars like Kanye West and Eminem, solidifying his place in the industry.
  • Staying True to Roots: Despite his success, Cole remains grounded in his DIY spirit, still working with up-and-coming artists and fostering a vibrant community around Lyrical Lemonade.

Cole Bennett Age

Cole Bennett was born on May 14, 1996. As of today, January 31, 2024, he is 27 years old.

Cole Bennett Height

Cole Bennett 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch).

Cole Bennett Qualifications

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Education: Cole Bennett attended Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois. He studied film at Columbia College Chicago, but dropped out after two years to pursue his career in music video directing.

Cole Bennett Family

  • Mother: Cole’s mother, whose name he hasn’t revealed publicly, played a significant role in his life and career. She helped him come up with the “Lyrical Lemonade” blog name and even gifted him a video camera that kickstarted his filmmaking journey. He credits her work ethic and resilience as inspirations for his own.
  • Father: Unfortunately, Cole’s father passed away when he was just two years old. He hasn’t shared much about his relationship with his father publicly.
  • Siblings: There is no confirmed information about Cole having any siblings.

Cole Bennett | FAQ

1. Why is Cole Bennett trending?
Cole Bennett recently released a new music video for the song “Life Goes On” by Lil Durk. The video features a cameo appearance by NBA YoungBoy and has racked up over 10 million views on YouTube in just a few days.
2. How did Cole Bennett get started in music videos?
Cole Bennett began his career in music videos in 2013, when he directed a music video for the song “Oh My” by Chance the Rapper. The video was a success, and Bennett went on to direct music videos for other artists, including Vic Mensa, Towkio, and Mick Jenkins.
3. What is Lyrical Lemonade?
Lyrical Lemonade is a media company founded by Cole Bennett in 2013. The company produces music videos, editorial content, and events. Lyrical Lemonade has worked with artists such as J. Cole, Lil Pump, Lil Skies, and Polo G.
4. What is Cole Bennett’s directing style?
Cole Bennett’s directing style is often characterized by its use of vibrant colors, creative editing, and unique visual effects. He is known for his ability to create music videos that are both visually appealing and engaging.

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