Keyword research for YouTube in 2023 find the keywords that will help your videos rank increased in YouTube search results and gain more views. To start your research, you can start by using YouTube’s search bar and typing in conceivable keywords connect to your video topic. This will suggest what people are searching for and what kind of scope is popular.

keyword research tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ, or Google Keyword Planner to a keywords and the search volumes. The software can help you identify high-volume keywords that you can target to rank higher on YouTube.
keyword research for YouTube in 2023 concerns understanding your audience and strategically interspersing keywords into your video content and metadata to increase visuals and more views.

1. TubeBuddy – 

tubebuddy, youtube keyword research
tube buddy, youtube keyword research

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and mobile app that delivers tools and parts developed to help YouTubers optimize their videos, grow their audience, and increase their earnings. It is a YouTube-certified tool that is used by millions of designers almost the world.

detailed analytics, YouTube, and even grow their content via various social media platforms. TubeBuddy gives several pricing plans, a free plan, and paid plans with more developed markers. the features available with TubeBuddy the learning to bulk update metadata across multiple videos, the command to perform A/B testing on video thumbnails, and the knowledge to plan and publish videos directly from the TubeBuddy dashboard for YouTube.


2. –, youtube keyword research, youtube keyword research

Keyword Tool is a benefits Google’s Autocomplete feature to suggest Youtube keywords based on what people are honestly searching for on the internet.

Keyword Tool allows users to select their target language, country, and search engine to generate highly relevant keyword suggestions. It also delivers keyword data search volume, CPC (cost-per-click), competition, and trends, which can be used to assess the probable value of each YouTube keyword.

3. vidIQ –



VidIQ is a YouTube-certified tool is designed to help YouTubers optimize videos and grow their media. It is a browser extension that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. VidIQ has YouTube keyword research, YouTube tag suggestions, and competitor analysis. It even suggests video analytics, social media promotion, and SEO optimization.VidIQ YouTube keyword research tool helps YouTubers find famous and applicable video YouTube keywords.

Its tags and related YouTube keywords help optimize a video’s metadata. The tag suggestions part helps suggest relevant tags based on the video’s content. The competitor analysis tool lets YouTubers analyze the competitors’ channels and videos to see what’s working for them. It provides data on the competitor’s tags, descriptions, and titles, YouTube on social media activity. VidIQ’s video analytics provides detailed information on a video’s performance, data on views, engagement, and revenue. YouTubers can use data to make familiar findings about the content and method.

4. YouTube Autosuggest –

YouTube Autosuggest is a part of YouTube’s search bar that automatically suggests inquiry times a user types in a query. It help users find the most relevant and popular search terms related to their query.YouTube Autosuggest generates suggestions based on the most popular and relevant search queries entered by additional users. It takes into account factors the user’s search history, location, and language to generate more personalized directions for YouTube keywords.

YouTube keyword research to pinpoint trending topics that are relevant to a user’s niche or industry. YouTube Autosuggest is a useful tool for anyone who wants to optimize their YouTube content for search engines and increase their visual and ranking on the platform. It delivers direct and comfortable access to popular and relevant tracking terms that be used to generate ideas for new videos or optimize existing content.


5. Google Trends –

Google trends, youtube research
Google trends, youtube research

Google Trends is a free online tool that provides insights into the rage of search terms and topics over time. It authorizes users to explore trends for detailed search terms or topics, reach additional search terms or topics, and research search trends across different areas and languages. Google Trends works from Google Search to provide insights into search ways and manners. It selects trending topics, track differences in consumer interests, and inform content technique for websites and businesses.

Google Trends has the authority to see search volume trends over time, explore related search queries, and compare search volume across different regions and languages. It provides a “growing” part that shows search terms currently experiencing a marked increase in favor. Google Trends is a keyword research, market research, and content strategy planning. It can help users recognize possibilities for content creation, understand consumer behavior and interests, and suggest advertising and marketing campaigns.

6. Semrush –

semrush, youtube keyword research

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that presents a suite of tools and parts designed to help businesses improve their online visibility, optimize the content, and more traffic to the website. A range of tools for SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. It also suggests features for tracking keyword rankings, YouTube keywords, analyzing backlinks, and identifying technical SEO issues affecting a website’s performance.

A PPC Advertising management tool that allows users to manage and optimize their PPC campaigns from within the platform. SEMrush’s content marketing tools have topic research, content creation, and content optimization features. It also presents a content audit tool that helps users identify content voids and opportunities for improvement.

7. Keywords Everywhere –

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension and YouTube keyword research tool that supplies users with keyword data and insights to help them optimize their content and improve their search engine rankings. It even suggests related keyword suggestions and the ability to analyze long-tail keyword leaves.

keyword everywhere
keyword everywhere

Keywords Everywhere also deliver a range of metrics to help users assess the worth of typical keywords, Cost Per Click (CPC), competition score, and search volume trend data. This knowledge is used to identify high-volume keywords and create optimized content for search engines. the Keyword About is a competitor analysis tool that permits users to explore the SEO methods and performance. It provisions data on the competitors’ top keywords, search volume, traffic, insights into the backlinks, and domain authority.

8. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool –


Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool
Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is a famous digital marketing tool a range of features for SEO, content marketing, and keyword research. The YouTube Keyword Tool is designed particularly to help users identify relevant and high-volume youtube keywords for the YouTube videos. The tool suggests a range of features for YouTube keyword research, search volume data, keyword difficulty scores, and youtube keyword suggestions. It provides data on the search engine results page (SERP) for thorough keywords, allowing users to assess the competition and 

pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool explore the views, likes, and comments of their own or their competitors’ videos, as well as track their ranking on YouTube. Ahrefs provides a range of other SEO and content marketing tools, backlink analysis, content analysis, and competitor analysis. This authorizes users to gain a more thorough learning of digital marketing performance and identify opportunities for progress.

9. Keyword Tool Dominator –

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword research tool a range of features for SEO and content marketing. The help users identify long-tail keywords and YouTube keyword suggestions relevant to their business or website. YouTube Keyword Tool Dominator offers a broad range of tools for researching keywords related to YouTube on Google, Amazon, eBay, and YouTube. Each tool provides search volume data, related YouTube keyword suggestions, and competitive analysis to help users identify high-value keywords.

Long Tail search, youtube research
Long Tail search, youtube research

One of the parts of Keyword Tool Dominator is its ability to generate long-tail keywords. Users can enter a seed youtube keyword and the tool will generate a list of related long-tail keywords, A create content that targets specific search queries. Keyword Tool Dominator also suggests a range of other features, the ability to sift and sort keyword data, export keyword lists, and keep searches for future.

10. YouTube Keyword Tool from TubeRanker –

YouTube Keyword Tool from TubeRanker
YouTube Keyword Tool from TubeRanker

 The TubeRanker tool provides users with data on YouTube search volume, youtube keyword competition, and youtube keyword suggestions to help optimize the YouTube videos for search. TubeRanker YouTube keyword research, the to search for specific keywords and generate a list of related keywords. Users can even see the search volume and competition score for each keyword a list of the top videos ranking for that keyword.

TubeRanker uses its knowledge to analyze YouTube competitor videos and provide data on the rankings, tags, and descriptions. This can help users identify keywords and strategies competitors and optimize their own videos accordingly. TubeRanker even provides data on YouTube keyword trends and seasonality, permitting users to identify opportunities for creating content is optimized for typical times of the year.

FAQs | YouTube Keyword Research

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user intent is important. Assure that your chosen keywords align with the intent of the viewer. For example, if searching for a tutorial, make sure your video provides useful and content.
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Regularly review and update your keyword strategy. Trends change, and new keywords may appear. Stay informed about your niche and audience preferences, and adjust your keyword method hence.
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Yes, leveraging trending keywords can be useful for gaining visibility. the trending keywords are relevant to your content. Creating clickbait content with unrelated keywords can damage your channel’s.

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